File photo: Bhekikhaya Mabaso/African News Agency (ANA).

Cape Town - Eskom said it expected no loadshedding on Thursday, as a result of a drop in demand but said the system remained vulnerable and constrained.

The power utility said the holiday period meant that there was a drop in demand, adding that there was also a return of some of the generating units to service. 

"Eskom will continue to use emergency reserves to supplement capacity if necessary over this period. We however remind customers that as the system continues to be vulnerable and unpredictable, the possibility of loadshedding remains," Eskom said.

"Breakdowns (UCLF) are at 12,535MW as at 7am this morning. Our technical teams will continue to work over the holiday period to monitor the situation, carry out planned maintenance and to work at reducing unplanned breakdowns to below 9,500MW to enable us to minimise the possibility of loadshedding."

Eskom appealed to customers to reduce demand as part of a "concerted collective effort" to help avoid or lessen the level of loadshedding.

African News Agency (ANA)