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Johannesburg - Every staff member of the Gauteng Department of Community Safety, including senior officials, police and metro police, should brace themselves for lifestyle audits.

This warning was issued on Thursday by Community Safety MEC Sizakele Nkosi-Malobane.

Nkosi-Malobane said her efforts were aimed at eradicating the number of people in her department doing business with government, and ensuring that communities respect police and metro officers working in their areas.

“We will continue with the implementation of our anti-corruption strategy focused on law enforcement and non-uniformed components in areas like supply chain and finance. In addition, we are finalising plans to establish an Integrity Office.

“This will enable the department to establish the lifestyle trends of our staff and create awareness of staff members of fraud and corruption.

“The services of this office will be extended to all law enforcement agencies in Gauteng,” she said.

She also committed her department to pay service providers within the stipulated 30 days, and to give support to and build up small and medium enterprises, “one of the cornerstones of our economic growth”.

To gain a better understanding of accruals, Nkosi-Malobane said her department would give monthly reports and analysis on the balances of creditors.

While the DA supported her on some of the key issues in the budget speech, the party expressed concern about the increasing number of law enforcement agents in Gauteng facing criminal charges.

DA community safety spokeswoman Kate Lorimer challenged the MEC and Premier David Makhura to deal with alleged criminal police officers still occupying their jobs.

Lorimer said there was a high number of police and metro police officers with pending criminal charges and records against them.

She claimed that some of the culprits were also found in the provincial traffic department.

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