JOHANNESBURG - The ANC Gauteng Provincial Disciplinary Committee (PDC), which on Monday found six of its members in the Ekurhuleni and Tshwane regions guilty of misconduct has expelled one of the offenders and suspended five others.

In a statement on Tuesday, the ANC said the members were found guilty of behaving in a disorderly manner and disrupting ANC meetings; sowing political disunity and divisions, and undermining the structures of the party.

These acts of misconduct were committed during the Branch General Meetings (BGMs) held last year to prepare for the ANC’s 54th National Conference that took place in December 2017.

The PDC meted out sanctions that included the expulsion of a member in Ekurhuleni and the suspension of the membership of the remaining five ANC members for 2, 3 and 5 years, said the statement issued by Dr. Ismail Vadi, chairperson of the ANC Gauteng PDC.

The disciplinary process against these members was instituted in November last year after the ANC-Gauteng Provincial Working Committee met to assess the outcomes of the BGMs leading to the ANC National Conference and the disruptions that took place in some of the BGMs. 

Dr. Vadi said all six members were suspended temporarily and their cases referred to the party’s disciplinary committee for processing.

Five members of the ANC in the Ekurhuleni Region were charged for the contravening various rules of the Constitution of the ANC. 

Dr. Vadi said given the serious nature of the offences the PDC expelled, with immediate effect, Thabang “Mashiane” Nkani, a member of the ANC in Ward 70 and a member of the MKMVA, has been expelled from the ANC with immediate effect.

Johannes Setsoma, a member of the ANC Clarence Lukhele Branch in Ward 68, has been suspended from the party for three years and Victor Malefane’s has been suspended for three years. He is the Secretary of the ANC Clarence Lukhele Branch in Ward 68.

Joseph Rammela, a member of the ANC Clarence Lukhele Branch in Ward 68, is suspended for three years while Phumzile Masuku, also a member of the ANC Clarence Lukhele Branch in Ward 68, has her membership suspended for two years.

In the Tshwane Region, Eugene “Bonzo” Modise, a member of the ANC Eleanor Tokelo Branch in Ward 21 and an ANC Regional Executive Committee, has been suspended for five years.

Dr. Vadi said in accordance with the ANC Constitution "these members have the right within 21 days to appeal against the rulings" of the PDC. However, the  grounds of such a review shall be limited to procedural irregularities and shall not deal with the merits of the decision of the PDC.

The 54th ANC National Conference identified member ill-discipline as a key challenge confronting the movement. 

"It had resolved to address decisively acts of ill-discipline and misconduct emanating from its members in order to improve the electoral support and public standing of the ANC said Dr. Vadi.

African News Agency/ANA