#Elections2019: Azapo wants to keep public officials in check

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The ANC is the oldest liberation movement on the continent, and for some odd reason they have managed to hold on to political power, uninterrupted, for the past 25 years without any significant challenge from opposition parties.

Interestingly, the historically white liberal political party, the DA, has shown consistent growth since the 1999 national and provincial elections.

It is a trend that should seriously worry all former liberation movements, as indications are that black voters are shifting towards politics that is more liberal, when we all know that the objectives of the liberation Struggle are far from being achieved.

Some of the issues that we can highlight to demonstrate that the liberation Struggle’s objectives have not been fully achieved, despite the governing party being in power for almost 25 years, is the slow progress in returning the land to its rightful owners. Azapo considers this to be the basis upon which our liberation Struggle is anchored.

The fact that after a full quarter of a century we still expect the majority black nation to be politically, culturally, traditionally and economically affirmed by the minority white nation, is an embarrassment, the betrayal of our liberation Struggle and those who paid the ultimate price with their lives.

The governing party unfortunately missed an opportunity to use the political power it wielded to mobilise our people towards a common national goal and instead chose to focus on dangerous, narrow sectarian issues such as cadre deployment. 

They had an opportunity to learn from the mistakes that they committed during negotiations and the transitional period that led to the expulsion of Azapo from the patriotic front. At the time when liberation movements were supposed to rally together, the older liberation movements - ANC and PAC - felt that Azapo was an unbearable irritant.

It appears that the governing party was then so desperate to be in power that it made them forget about what the liberation Struggle goals were all about.

Their focus changed to individual interest, as we later learnt that some governing party leaders unashamedly said, and indicated that, they did not Struggle to be poor. In short, they allowed individual interest to supersede liberation Struggle objectives.

We have noticed how the governing party has, over the past 25 years, become complacent and too comfortable in power. 

The main weaknesses that will ultimately lead to the erosion of the governing party electoral support base in future elections, besides them being too comfortable and complacent, include the incumbency syndrome and the majoritarian arrogance they suffer from.

And the sad part is that it looks like the five-year-old offspring, the EFF, have also adopted some of the governing party’s arrogance.

As Azapo, we are going into these elections with the hope that the electorate will give us a vote to be in the top three political parties. In fact, our primary target is not the opposition parties’ votes, but those 10 million voters who are not members of the ANC.

Azapo sincerely believes that this country can do much better with Azapo well represented in all municipal councils, provincial legislatures, the National Council of Provinces and Parliament.

Azapo intends to contest the elections not to increase the number of hecklers and howlers in Parliament, but to ensure that all public representatives diligently and selflessly serve the people.

* Sechaba Mogotsi is a member of Azapo’s National Committee on Publicity and Information

** The views expressed here are not necessarily those of Independent Media.

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#Elections2019: Azapo wants to keep public officials in check