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Johannesburg - Outrage has increased as more reports emerge of the Gupta brothers' continued benefit from resources at the Department of Home Affairs.
The Gupta brothers have been continuously issued with a number of passports that enable them to travel around the world, City Press reported on Sunday. 
Ajay Gutpa allegedly has three passports and his brother Rajesh has a total of six passports. 
City Press reported that the latest passport was issued to the family three weeks ago and was shipped to Dubai for Ajay's wife. 

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Gigaba in Gupta tangle

The brothers' whereabouts are currently unknown as they are being sought by police officials in connection to corruption cases. 
The Home Affairs Department has been criticised for its "preferential" dealings with the controversial family. 
Last week Home Affairs Minister Gigaba faced tough questions as he attempted to explain whether members of the Gupta family were South African citizens. 
Gigaba first said that Ajay and Atul were not South African citizens, but his direction changed a few hours later. 
Copies of identification documents that belong to the brothers surfaced on social media showing that Atul Gupta was not just registered at the primary school, but that he had previously voted.
Home Affairs Director General Mkuslei Apeleni was at pains to explain that Atul and Rajesh Gupta were in fact naturalised citizens - a process that took place several years ago. 
Ajay Gupta is not a citizen, but is a permanent residence.  

Meanwhile, a last-ditch attempt to get the brothers to account to Parliament has failed.  

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Lawyers representing the family have written to public enterprise committee chairperson Zukiswa Rantho informing her that the will not be appearing before the Eskom Inquiry. 

Their excuse is that they are currently not in the country. 

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