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Thursday, November 30, 2023

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PA leader Gayton McKenzie set to snub all media after fierce interview

Patriotic Alliance leader Gayton McKenzie.

Patriotic Alliance leader Gayton McKenzie.

Published Jun 8, 2023


Johannesburg – Patriotic Alliance leader Gayton McKenzie has announced that he will no longer engage members of the media as they always raise the issue of his criminal past in interviews.

McKenzie said he wanted nothing to do with the South African media.

“The South African media are not interested in my views, nor my vision but simply seeks to portray me as my past.

“I have for many years pondered over this action. I am finally at a stage where I will no longer be aiding and abetting the very people who would like to see my downfall,” he said on Twitter.

McKenzie said his decision had endured over his political views and his views on illegal foreigners.

The decision also comes after he felt he was unfairly treated by SABC News presenter Sizwe Mpofu-Walsh when the two appeared to have a fierce during an interview about the whites only town of Orania.

Mpofu-Walsh wanted to give McKenzie a dressing down for saying the people in Orania were friendly, although McKenzie did admit it was a racist town.

McKenzie said: “I know what gave rise to this media onslaught and unfairness. It’s without a doubt my views on illegal foreigners and the fact that I lead the party that will make sure the DA doesn’t maintain the majority in the Western Cape.”

McKenzie acknowledged and apologised to the few journalists whom, he said, had only been interested in the truth and had no other agenda other than reporting what it was. They included Sakina Kamwendo, JJ Tabane and the other few that were not mentioned by name.

The PA president, who also pleaded with South African journalists to no longer contact him, while also exempting them from getting his side of the story. He added that all news concerning him, including negative stories, would be shared or answered on his personal social media platforms, going forward.

He said it had taken him many years, a lot of introspection and soul searching to make this final decision.

“I have been a willing participant in this agenda to destroy me and the party that I belong to, the Patriotic Alliance. It stops today,” he said.