President Jacob Zuma addresses the celebration of Women’s Month through prayer at the St John’s Apostolic Faith Mission in Southern Africa. Picture: GCIS
Johannesburg - Embattled President Jacob Zuma has chastised religious leaders who have joined actions for his removal, saying they needed prayers.

Zuma delivered the keynote address at a Women’s Day-themed church service at the St John’s Apostolic Faith Mission in Evaton in the Vaal on Saturday.

The president said leaders were appointed by God and it was the responsibility of believers to intercede on their behalf.

He criticised what he termed a lack of respect in Parliament, saying the country had become a shame in Africa.

This comes a few days after he narrowly escaped a no-confidence vote in Parliament, where up to 35 ANC MPs may have voted with the opposition for his removal.

At the church service, Zuma said religious leaders needed prayers. 

“You know, sometimes it baffles me religious leaders say this country must fall and the government must fall. Pray for them too and pray to God to bring them back on the right path. God doesn’t say if they go off-track you should curse them. He says pray for them.”

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