A woman risks getting burnt as she lights a cigarette, holding a child, in fires made by Riverlea protesters. Photo: Timothy Bernard

Johannesburg - A DA councillor in Riverlea, Lynette Pretorius, says she fears for her life after residents attacked her last week. She claims the ANC is behind protests against her in the area.

On Thursday she obtained a protection order against three residents and also got six arrested after they allegedly manhandled her.

On Monday morning protests erupted in Riverlea, where residents burnt tyres and prevented vehicles from entering the area in anticipation of the hearing of the protection order at the Joburg Family Court.

Residents accused her of giving a road building contract, through the Johannesburg Roads Agency, to “blacks”.

“The tender was awarded before I became a councillor. They also accuse me of not getting potholes and water leaks repaired, but what more can I, as a DA councillor, do, except report the issues and follow through?” she said.

Pretorius says because she is the first DA councillor in a historic ANC ward, residents want to get the party out. “I will not back down even though I am afraid. I have to stand up to the threats.”

Dawn Gamiet, against whom Pretorius got the protection order, has denied assaulting the councillor.

“I was a DA member before this - it has nothing to do with politics, she is just not doing her work,” she said at the court on Monday morning.

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