Scopa chairman Themba Godi File picture: Masi Losi/ANA Pictures
Johannesburg – The Standing Committee on Public Accounts (Scopa) on Tuesday called for harsh sentences to officials found guilty of fraud and corruption.

Scopa said it was worried about the sentences given to people who had defrauded and robbed the state through corruption, chairperson Themba Godi said.

"Scopa has noticed that individuals who have committed crimes of corruption get suspended sentences of three years, or very low amounts of fines," Godi said.

"Scopa believes that these individuals who rob the country of a lot of money and who are the cause of the rot that is increasingly plaguing the country, should receive very harsh sentences to show that this country is serious about curbing corruption."

Godi said that those convicted of fraud and corruption should face the full wrath of the law and would engage with the Anti-Corruption Task Team (ACTT) regularly to find a way to tackle the increasing scourge of corruption.

"Scopa has committed itself to meet with the ACTT on a quarterly basis to receive feedback and to monitor their (ACTT's) work."