The website has been suspended.
Cape Town - The ANC's official website has been taken offline after the party allegedly failed to pay the internet service provider. The ANC reportedly owes the ISP around R32 million. Attempts to obtain comment from the ruling party have gone unanswered.

Visitors to are greeted with a grey screen with the following message: This website is suspended due to non-payment of the service provider.

The matter first came to the attention of South Africans late on Friday, with a number of prominent people posting their views on Twitter.

"Afrikaans singer Steve Hofmeyer wrote: "We trust this ANC will fix the SA economy, the land non-crisis, the race non-crisis and the zero farm murder rate. Like they run a website."

"The ANC can’t even keep a website running, nevermind a country," wrote Ian Cameron, AfriForum's head of community safety.

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