Cape Town - Democratic Alliance member of Parliament (MP) Natasha Mazzone on Monday used her opportunity to speak in the debate on the state-of-the-nation address to pay tribute to parliamentary lawyer, advocate Nthuthuzelo Vanara -- the man who allegedly said no to a bribe from a member of cabinet to collapse a parliamentary inquiry.

Vanara, in an affidavit handed to Speaker Baleka Mbete, said State Security Minister Bongani Bongo had offered him money to resign from the inquiry into state capture at South Africa's power utility, Eskom.

"To the brave men and woman of South Africa who, despite facing tremendous pressure, the threat of unemployment and alienation from certain sectors, have boldly spoken out against and exposed corruption, State Capture, nepotism, cronyism and mismanagement, I say thank you," Mazzone said.

"I particularly single out an unsung hero of this tale. A man of such virtue, such bravery and so proud of his country, that even when propositioned with an amount of money, the likes of which we could only dream of in the case of winning the lotto, said 'No, I choose South Africa, I choose country duty'," Mazzone said, referring to Vanara.

Mazzone said she found it "disturbing" that many of those who had helped the Gupta family and their associates loot state resources were still seated in the National Assembly, including Bongo.

"Our State Owned Entities (SOE) are completely dysfunctional. They have been captured, lock, stock and barrel, and are a source of great shame and massive concern for our economy. The amount of money that has been syphoned off to various politicians, certain key players and the Gupta family is absolutely obscene."

She called on Ramaphosa to fire Public Enterprises Minister Lynne Brown.

"Please, I ask on behalf of 56 million South Africans, leave this House today, walk straight into Minister Lynne Brown’s office and say the following eight words to her: 'Minister Brown, you are the weakest link. Goodbye'," Mazzone pleaded with Ramaphosa.

African News Agency/ANA