Deputy chief justice Raymond Zondo heads the Commission of Inquiry into State Capture. Picture: Karen Sandison/African News Agency (ANA)

Johannesburg - Former crime intelligence officer Dhanajaya Naidoo broke down in tears during his testimony to the State Capture Inquiry as he apologised for his role in the looting of the crime intelligence slush fund. 

Dhanajaya Naidoo wrapped up his extensive evidence of the looting of the crime intelligence secret service account which was intended to fund operational work. Instead, the Zondo commission has heard, it was used as a piggy bank to fund the lifestyles of crime intelligence officials and agents. 

Naidoo has been living under witness protection for eight years and said life was tough for him and his family.

He testified via an audio link for his entire testimony in a bid to protect his identity.

“I cannot go into much detail. But it has been extremely difficult for me and my family (being in witness protection). Our situation is very fluid, we live our lives on a month to month basis. I hope that my testimony will result in something positive. During my time in crime intelligence I made decisions which I regret, I am sorry for my actions,” Naidoo said, sounding emotional. 

Naidoo told the commission that he was personally involved in claiming funds from the secret service account to fund the renovations at the home of former crime intelligence boss Richard Mdluli. Another crime intelligence official allegedly also pocketed security upgrades worth R40 000 after her house was burgled. 

“I know of the following renovations that were paid for using the secret service account on the instruction of General Lazarus. She (crime intelligence official) had a burglary at her house in Bedfordview and on instruction from General Lazarus an electric fence and security beams were installed. I know of this because I put in the claim myself for R40 000,” Naidoo explained.  

“I am also aware of renovations carried out at the home of Richard Mdluli in Dawnpark (Boksburg). Chair, this was also on instruction from General Lazarus which saw the installation of electric fencing, security beams, and an alarm system and camera were also installed. I know this because I put in the claim which totalled R200 000. The claim was put in my name,” he said. 

Crime intelligence also allegedly funded Mdluli’s numerous trips to Cape Town and that of his girlfriend, the girlfriend’s sister and his two children. 

Naidoo also explained that when he fancied a WV Golf which was on sale at a dealership with a price tag of R240 000, crime intelligence’s secret service account was used to purchase the car. 

He told the commission that he had also inflated the vehicle’s cost to secure more funds from the account to help fund renovations at his house.