SCATHING: John Steenhuisen
SCATHING: John Steenhuisen

'Stay in your lane' Mboweni tells Steenhuisen in twar over DA lockdown address

By Theolin Tembo Time of article published May 9, 2020

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Cape Town - Democratic Alliance leader, John Steenhuisen and Finance Minister Tito Mboweni had a digital sparring match following Steenhuisen's address to the nation.

On Friday, DA Leader, delivered a speech online in which he called on government to end "this lockdown crisis and get as many of us back to work as possible".

"I was one of those who stood firmly behind the president and supported his early call for a nationwide lockdown. The whole country did. At the time it was undoubtedly the right thing to do. Six weeks later, South Africans have more than done their bit. They have been asked to sacrifice, and they have done so. Many have lost all they had. There is no longer a justification to keep this hard lockdown in place," Steenhuisen said.

"We need to act now to end this lockdown crisis and get as many of us back to work as safely as possible."

In response to Steenhuisen's address, Mboweni said that the leader of the opposition party "must stay in his lane". 

"You have no right to instruct our President to open the economy. That is disrespectful and unwarranted," Mboweni said.

Steenhuisen replied: "Big difference is my party takes me seriously, yours treats you like a joke!"

He then posted Mboweni's own Twitter profile picture in the form of a meme.

The finance minister responded that in the township people say that "these DA types are a problem! They must grow up." 

He also then added that "IMF [International Monetary Fund] deals with sovereign states not political parties. You are making an uneducated fool of yourself Sir!

"I think that we have a twar in the making here John Steenhuisen about our parties. Let’s see, do you have the support of all in the DA? My sources tell me otherwise. A 3 year post matrix qualification is important they tell me. Next."

Steenhuisen responded: "Shame I understand minister, after the absolute walloping you got in the NEC yesterday (Thursday), and the fact that you are treated like the awkward drunk uncle at Christmas in your structures, you have to take your frustrations out somewhere. I am happy to help you process your pain..."

The finance minister then tweeted  that he has been advised "the twar must end". 

"Why? I am told that both of us will be floored! So long my friend! To be the Leader of the Opposition Party is a very serious matter. Not to be taken lightly. So I know that I will need your support," Mboweni said.

While South Africa Twitter users were enjoying the exchange, the DA's Federal Council Chairperson, Helen Zille also weighed in on Mboweni's tweets.

"John Steenhuisen is the Leader of the Official Opposition, who faces the President in Parliament, and may address him directly. I did not think you, of all people, would succumb to 'big man' hero worship, while our rights are increasingly stripped away. It is time to draw a line."

"Please stay in your lane and fix the economy. That should be enough work for you to do without keeping your eye on everyone else's lane. Thank you."


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