Cape Town - The Democratic Alliance claims the ANC in the Western Cape is behind a “fake” racist DA pamphlet that has been making the rounds on social media.

The flyer, printed on blue paper with the DA logo, is aimed at whites and talks about “dom coloureds” who are easy to fool, and how the black vote must be bought.

However, Grant Twigg, DA Western Cape Metro Chairperson, says it’s a smear campaign.

The Western Cape DA says the flyer is part of a smear campaign by the ANC.

“The false DA pamphlet circulating on social media is such a badly executed and transparent attempt to discredit the DA, that it is really a joke,” he says.

“The pamphlet, most probably manufactured by the desperate ANC in the Western Cape Metro region, is barely legible and one would be excused for thinking that it was written by a 10-year-old.”

The ANC's Xolani Sotashe

The badly written pamphlet reads in part: “Moet nie vir keurling en darkies die wys nie net vir wit oe!!!

“Die kleurling mense stem vir ons al doen ons niks vir hulle. (Coloured people vote for us even if we do nothing for them.)

“Die darkies is * beikie hard ons moet hulle betaal. (Black people are more difficult. We have to pay them.)

“Ons gaan apartheid terug bring hang aan!!! (We will bring apartheid back hang on!!)

“We are sure of the stupid coulored votes; they don’t know what they want. Most importantly they don’t care even if we don’t deliver services in their areas.

“We need more black votes but they not so easy to fool like the ‘Dom couloreds’.”

The DA believes the flyer was created by the ANC to sow discord.

“If this is the kind of tactic that the ANC has resorted to, it truly shows that the ANC in the Western Cape has completely lost the plot. We dismiss it with the contempt that it deserves,” Twigg said.

But ANC Western Cape Metro Leader, Xolani Sotashe, denies culpability and says the DA is imploding.

“That is absolute nonsense. The DA has a lot of internal fighting and white liberals are up in arms against [Cape Town Mayor Patricia] de Lille,” he says.

“Twigg is a part of the white liberals trying to get rid of De Lille and forms part of the [Western Cape Premier Helen] Zille section.

“We know this was the work of their own party members. The DA is a racist party and that will never change. Leave the ANC alone and deal with your demons on your own.”