Structure of Zulu royal household heads and Amakhosi lambaste king’s spokesperson for reckless press statement

Prince Africa Zulu has been called to order. File picture: Sandile Ndlovu

Prince Africa Zulu has been called to order. File picture: Sandile Ndlovu

Published Jul 29, 2023


The Zulu traditional structure made up of Amakhosi and heads of Zulu royal houses, called Abakhuseli Besihlalo, has lashed out at the spokesperson of King Misuzulu for what it called a reckless press statement and conduct.

The structure says Prince Africa Zulu’s statement about their existence and gatherings was not only peddling falsehood, but it also undermines the authority of the king and looks down upon the throne.

The statement by Prince Africa got the structure hot under the collar, leading to them issuing the rebuttal statement on Saturday, July 29.

In it, the prince said there are people who are convening meetings that the king was not aware of and they would be disciplined.

The chairperson of Abakhuseli Besihlalo, Inkosi Bhekizwe Biyela of Emahlayizeni in Nkandla, said they are not a group of political parties as Prince Africa suggested in his statement.

“What the prince is insinuating is actually repulsive to royalty.

“This committee was elected at a meeting of Amakhosi (May 26, 2023) and the meeting of Royal Prince and Princesses (June 6, 2023, which sat at Empangeni and Ondini successively),” Inkosi Biyela said.

He added that by the look of things, Prince Africa does not consult the king before he issues his controversial press statements that are always laced with personal attacks.

“By the looks of things, the author of this statement does not even consult with His Majesty because he would have been informed that the king was aware of the meetings he is referring to.

“Perhaps it’s time we advised the Prince of Onkweni to desist from issuing statements which cast aspersions on Amakhosi and Royal Princes and Princesses without briefing the King,” he said.

He said contrary to Prince’s Africa’s claims who is devaluing the Zulu throne, the structure is there to protect the institution of monarchy.

“We do not doubt that history will portray him as having undermined and defiled Isihlalo (the core of the Zulu Kingdom).

“He comes across as those who debase the sanctity of Isihlalo (throne).

“We, as Abakhuseli Besihlalo are determined to protect it (the throne) against people of Mntwana Africa’s ilk.

“The presence of such characters in our midst makes it even the more essential that Abakhuseli be vigilant,” he added.

Biyela concluded by saying that Prince Africa needs some training to understand the position he holds as it has become clear that he speaks out of turn and attacks people.

“We can recount quite a few occasions where Prince Africa has attacked persons quite ostensibly out of emotional rants.

“Nobody who is a mouthpiece of His Majesty the King ever descends to that level,” Biyela said.

Prince Africa was given an opportunity to respond to the allegations levelled against him and he never did.

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