President Jacob Zuma addresses people of Ka-Nyamana in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga on January 8, 2013 during the birthday of the ANC ahead of the manifesto launch. Picture: STRINGER

Nelspruit -

President Jacob Zuma reminded people at an ANC dinner on Friday of the work done by the party.

It had been instrumental in the adoption and implementation of ministers signing performance agreements, he said at the dinner, ahead of the official launch of the African National Congress's 2014 election manifesto.

“The manifesto of 2009 stated the need to review structures of government to ensure effective service delivery by evaluating and monitoring performance,” he said.

“For the first time, ministers signed performance agreements and adhered to time periods.”

Zuma said the department of performance and monitoring was an ANC drafted policy, which was endorsed by many throughout the country.

“It is important to underline that this emerged from the resolutions of the ANC conference.

“It was an ANC conference that had taken a very serious decision to ensure government functions,” he said.

Zuma said the party had also contributed in the adoption of the planning committee.

He said the plan was to ensure more effective government and to improve the planning of the developing state.

He said there were countries which had planning departments that worked on plans on their own, but that the ANC had chosen to do things differently.

“We believed we needed a plan to be supported by (the) majority. We thought the participation of the country was important: for this plan to be a national plan and not a party plan,” he said. - Sapa