Good party leader Patricia de Lille. Picture: Courtney Africa / African News Agency (ANA)

Pretoria - GOOD party leader Patricia de Lille said she will be heading to Parliament to take up a seat in the National Assembly as the party obtained enough votes to secure at least one MP to represent it in the national legislature.

"I'm very happy but I'm also humbled and I say thank you for all of the people that have supported us because we did put forward a plan to fix South Africa and it's not just about talk but we're showing how it can be done," De Lille told the African News Agency as she left the national results operations centre in Pretoria and headed back to to Cape Town on Friday.

"I will certainly be going to national Parliament and then when we get back to the Western Cape and we'll decide about the Western Cape but also once we get the final results in."

De Lille, who formed her party a few months ago after her acrimonious, public battle with Democratic Alliance leaders, obtained some 69,017 votes, translating to a share of the vote of at least 0.41 percent. If this number increases, the party might secure more than one seat.

Patricia de Lille on the performance of her GOOD Party. Video: Ian Landsberg / African News Agency (ANA)

"It's a very exciting period ahead. I think the voters have spoken and they've sent out a very strong message to the ANC (African National Congress), you can no longer take us for granted."

African News Agency/ANA