Pretoria - "It’s a given, it’s a given that one day I will be the president." 

These were the were words of controversial leader of the African Content Movement (ACM) Hlaudi Motsoeneng as his party continued its poor showing in the 2019 general elections. 
Motsoeneng was speaking on the second day of vote counting at the IEC Results Operations Centre (ROC) in Pretoria.

At this stage, 94.75% of counting has been completed, with the ANC leading the pack, followed distantly by the DA and EFF.

Motsoeneng’s ACM currently sits at number 37, garnering a mere 0.03% of the vote. 

The controversial former SABC COO, in an interview with IOL, spoke on a wide range of issues including alleged voting irregularities his party, along with a few other smaller parties, is currently challenging.

He maintained that there was unfairness in how the election process went and called for a re-run of the polls. 

“We’re not happy about the rigging of our voters because they rigged our voters. The numbers that you see there don’t reflect the number [of people] that went and voted ACM. 

“We’re not happy, we want to re-run the elections, we’re appealing to IEC to use their independence and make sure there is fairness.”

An aggrieved Motsoeneng went on to highlight the arrests made in connection with double voting as well as information shared by ACM's party agent to dismiss the process, adding that he did not recognise the results coming in. 

While Motsoeneng lamented the voting process and despite his party’s poor showing at the polls, the controversial leader remains undeterred in his ambition to ascend to the Union Buildings one day.

He was also adamant that those who voted for the ANC would realise their "mistake" and vote for his party instead. 

"You know ANC they have been delivering posters ,so people have voted for posters. Posters are not going to benefit them in any case, they are going to cry and realise that ‘ei, we made a mistake, let’s go to Hlaudi’.”