IEC staff work the count results at the IEC Election Results Centre in Pretoria. 080514. Picture: Chris Collingridge 107

Pretoria - The Workers and Socialist Party (Wasp) is proud to have contested the national election, the party said on Thursday.

“We are happy with the work we have done to bring workers' issues into mainstream politics,” spokeswoman Liv Shange said.

“We have demonstrated that workers can build their own party.”

However, the party was not happy with the number of votes it had secured.

Contesting its first election, it had garnered only 5 090 votes by 4pm on Thursday.

Wasp was formed after wildcat strikes in the Rustenburg platinum mines in 2012.

Shange said the party had a membership of about 10 000.

“The support we have on the ground, the turnout at marches and mass meetings, is not the same as the vote we have.”