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Johannesburg - Scuffles broke out outside the headquarters of the African National Congress's headquarters in Johannesburg on Monday after supporters of President Jacob Zuma tried to lead a protest against his possible recall.

Members of the Black First Land First (BLF) movement, who are calling for Zuma to be allowed to serve out his term as country president until 2019, were greeted by ANC supporters at Luthuli House in Johannesburg.

The ANC supporters, who have been stationed outside Luthuli House since early on Monday morning, dispersed the crowd of BLF members as they alighted from the vehicle which transported them.

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The group of men, who had filled the vehicle, were seen running away in different directions, some even leaving their shoes behind.

Police had to escort driver of the vehicle out of the area after some ANC members started attacking it.

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The BLF supporters, who are leading a "Hands of Zuma" campaign, have not returned to Luthuli House since being chased away.

Picture: ANA

The ANC supporters described the actions of BLF members as unacceptable and undermining authority.

Mpumelelo Khumalo, who speaks on behalf of the pro-ANC members, said they would be stationed outside Luthuli House for as long as needed. 

"We will be here the whole week if needs be. We will not allow them to come here. We will use violence if needed," said. 

Earlier, ANC communications manager Khusela Sangoni told journalists that they were not informed about the march from BLF.

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