WATCH: MK Party hits back at expelled ‘lunatic’ Jabulani Khumalo

Umkhonto WeSizwe Party (MKP) spokesperson Nhlamulo Ndhlela speaks to journalists outside the Constitutional Court. Picture: Kamogelo Moichela/IOL

Umkhonto WeSizwe Party (MKP) spokesperson Nhlamulo Ndhlela speaks to journalists outside the Constitutional Court. Picture: Kamogelo Moichela/IOL

Published May 10, 2024


The MK Party has hit back at its expelled founder, Jabulani Khumalo, describing him as someone who was now behaving like a lunatic after he had been dismissed from the party in a transparent manner.

They also said Khumalo had been used like a postman to register the party at the instruction of former president Jacob Zuma.

The comments were made on Friday by the Umkhonto WeSizwe Party (MKP) spokesperson Nhlamulo Ndhlela, who told journalists outside the Constitutional Court on Friday that Khumalo was being used by his handlers to drive division in the party.

Deputy Chief Justice Mandisa Maya also dismissed an attempt by Khumalo’s lawyers on Friday to insert themselves in the matter between Zuma and the IEC. Khumalo’s lawyers was flatly told his assistance would not be required by the court in the matter.

Addressing journalists, an upbeat Ndhlela made it clear that the decision to expel Khumalo was not a witch hunt against Khumalo, but it was a necessary step taken by the party to uphold its principles and maintain organizational integrity.

According to Ndhlela, the decision to expel Khumalo was made in his presence, indicating a transparent and fair process within the party’s internal mechanisms.

“I will repeat it, we are being vindicated here. That's why I said in the process of spirituality, the evil ones will start showing themselves that exactly what is happening.’’

Ndhlela said the decision to expel Khumalo was a good one. He further stated that the decision was taken with him present, after information came about what Khumalo had been doing. This includes apparent car purchases, overseas trips and a sudden increase to the number of bodyguards around him.

‘’We went there and did a further investigation and found out that concerned South African citizens and patriotic citizens and members who brought this forward were right.

‘’We didn’t go out on a witch hunt against Khumalo, it was those members that raised concerns.’’

Moreover, Ndhlela stated that they never used Khumalo. He said the expelled founder of the party had the opportunity to be in the history books as the man who registered the revolution, the party that changed history.

‘’Unfortunately, he’s going to go down as a history lunatic because that’s what it is, it's crazy and ludacris what he’s doing,’’ said Ndhlela.

“He is just a signature, he was a postman and that's it,” said Ndhlela, who said Khumalo had been tasked by Zuma to register the party with the Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC).

In addition, Ndhlela said the mere fact that Khumalo could lie and try to convince the IEC when he knew very well that he had signed the letter with the IEC and when he wasn’t the leader of the party was lunacy.

‘’We have the letter and we are going to expose the letter,’’ said Ndlela.

Ndlela stated that they could get forensic investigators to look at the signature and confirm that it was Khumalo’s signature.

“So whoever his handlers are, their level of intellect is becoming very questionable. It doesn’t matter what arrangements you may have with your people Khumalo,” he said.

Ndlela urged Khumalo not to think about his stomach, calling on him to think about the generation of his family and his grandchildren and how this is going to label them.

‘’He must stop thinking about himself at the moment because this is going to go down in history and the nature of the things his doing,’’ said Ndhlela.

“Just because of certain individuals that don't really care about you, think again.’’

On Friday, the Constitutional Court heard arguments from Zuma’s lawyers and the lawyers of the IEC during the electoral body’s appeal to the order by the Electoral Court which allowed Zuma to stand as a candidate in the May elections.

The IEC has said any verdict by the apex court would have no bearing on the electoral processes of the May 29 elections, as they had concluded all processes relating to ballots and election lists for these elections.

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