WATCH: Newly installed Port Shepstone leader pleads with his clan to embrace traditional leadership

Published Jun 24, 2023


Port Shepstone - The newly installed Inkosi of the Cele clan in Port Shepstone in southern KwaZulu-Natal has pleaded for unity as he settles on the chiefdom's throne.

Inkosi Mthokozisi Cele, who took over the throne following the passing away of his brother, said people must embrace the structure of traditional leadership in order to understand how it works.

Equally important, Cele said, is unity among the people so that the area could be developed to the level of others around them.

The young Inkosi was speaking on Saturday at the Mandawe area near Port Shepstone where he was meeting with the people of the sub-region of his clan.

This comes as he is visiting all the regions of his clan to speak to them as he takes the throne of one of the influential clans on the south coast of KwaZulu-Natal.

“Some people tend to shy away from traditional leadership structure because they wrongly assume that it will never help them in any way.

“We plead with the people of Mandawe to get closer to the structure of traditional leadership and get all the necessary support they need.

“They must also get closer to the structure to learn how things are done and be taught how to live in harmony with others.

“You get pained when people come and settle in Mandawe and then ask to be given title deeds, yet we don’t issue them.

“That’s painful because you can see that is because of lack of knowledge, hence we plead with the people to get close to the structure and learn.

“The way people have swarmed the area, we now find ourselves sitting with a lot of cases because people have not been taught how to behave when in Mandawe.

“That is because people most people always distance themselves from the structure of traditional leadership,” Cele said.

Cele said he wishes to see all skilled people from the area coming back to help and develop their own chiefdom.

“We wish to see all the skilled people using their skills to develop their own area instead taking their skills elsewhere.

“If we can unite and work in harmony, we can develop and have everything going well,” Cele added during his speech.

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