WATCH: Prince Simakade lambasts ANC government neglecting Zulu royal house, says Buthelezi and IFP took better care of it

Published Sep 26, 2023


Prince Simakade Zulu has heaped rare praise on the late Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi for properly looking after the Zulu royal family and its palaces.

Prince Simakade says under Buthelezi’s leadership, Zulu palaces never struggled for basic services like water and this has become the norm under the African National Congress (ANC) government.

The prince, who is the first-born son of the late Goodwill Zwelithini and who is still fighting for the Zulu throne in the Pretoria High Court, made these comments on Monday at KwaPhindangene, the home of Buthelezi near Ulundi.

He had gone there with his entourage to mourn the passing of Buthelezi and be cleansed as they were related.

Despite that Prince Simakade and Buthelezi had a bitter fallout over the Zulu throne which is now occupied by King Misizulu Ka Zwelithini, he had kind words for the late towering Zulu prince.

That was after he first used the meeting to open up about what he was not happy about and said let the bygones be the bygones.

He then expressed his disappointment about how the ANC government is not taking care of the royal family and palaces.

“I told them (the ANC government) that while the king was working with uMntwana WakwaPhindangene (Buthelezi) he never struggled for basic things like a globe (light bulb), he never struggled for water in the palace,” he said.

He said he once made this known to former KwaZulu-Natal Premier, Sihle Zikalala, who is now the Minister of Public Works and Infrastructure.

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The KwaZulu-Natal Office of the Premier houses the Zulu royal household after the fully-fledged department that was looking after it was disbanded.

Prince Simakade said he told Zikalala that the ANC would have not been formed without the help of King Dinuzulu.

“I said to them it was strange that it was them who were doing this to the king, making him a joke,” he added.

Furthermore, he told the Buthelezi family that without the IFP (Inkatha Freedom Party), the party Prince Buthelezi founded and led for 44 years, the future of the Zulu monarch looks bleak.

“We cannot hide the fact that if (it were not for) the party of uMntwana (Buthelezi), things would be bleak for the monarch,” he said.

The Office of the Premier was asked to respond to the claims by Prince Simakade and its response would be added as soon as it is received.

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