What was meant to be a delightful day for a 3-year-old toddler’s birthday in a Spur restaurant at The Glen Shopping Mall quickly turned into the aggressive incident that has led to a social media storm. Picture: Screengrab
A video showing an aggressive man confronting an enraged woman at a Spur steakhouse on Human Rights Day has raised the ire of South Africans. 

The restaurant chain has since banned the man from all their restaurants countrywide and issued an apology to the woman.

While the woman maintains that she was defending herself and protecting the children that were with her, many people have been critical of her behaviour. Many commented that both parties behaved inappropriately in the presence of the children at the table.

The issue has evoked strong reactions across all segments of South African society and social media users have been vocal about their opinions on the incident.

In this video advocacy group Sonke Gender Justice examines the incident from both sides.