EFF leader Julius Malema encouraged youngsters and vulnerable members of society to vote for the party. Picture: AP Photo/Themba Hadebe

Johannesburg - EFF leader Julius Malema on Sunday encouraged youngsters and vulnerable members of society to vote for the party on Wednesday.

Malema told the youth gathered at Orlando Stadium for the party's Tshela Thupa rally that varsity was waiting for them, adding their matric certificates would be their registration and tuition fees at universities across the country.

"Your matric result is money. Let your matric results secure you a seat in university," he said adding the EFF government would ensure all students obtain free education. 

Malema criticised the ANC saying it was quick to brag about providing millions in social grant money saying they had to be "ashamed."

He added the only millions that should be pumped into events was for students on their on graduation day.

Meanwhile, Malema would not hold back when coming to people living with disabilities saying: "All disabled people in SA, not a single one of them, should stay without a house. There are not many. We can have in each and every province, a special project to house disabled people. Once you help a disabled person, you will hear those around them saying, we don't mind, this one deserves it. We need a government that cares about disabled people.

He also called for women to take up big positions in government saying women can be better leaders.

"Under the EFF-led government, women would hold 50 percent of land and they are going to be in charge. Even here in the EFF we have women running things," he said.

He further said economic freedom without the emancipation of women means nothing adding women were on the receiving end of economic suppression.

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