Johannesburg - Deputy chief justice Raymond Zondo wants SA Police Service (SAPS) officials to explain what has been done about allegations of corruption and bribery against a KwaZulu-Natal policeman who is alleged to be still on the job. 

Zondo said on Friday that the allegations made by former KZN Hawks boss General Johan Booysen against Colonel Navin Madhoe were concerning and what was more disturbing were the allegations that SAPS had not done anything to address to the claims. 

Booysen had testified that Madhoe had attempted to bribe him with a payment of over R1 million for him to assist in dropping a case against a Durban businessman. 

Madhoe was arrested during a sting operation where he had met with Booysen and placed a bag filled with money in the boot of Booysen’s car. There were a recording and footage of the deal yet little was done to discipline Madhoe. Booysen said Madhoe had interdicted a disciplinary hearing that was meant to deal with allegations. 

Booysen had also testified that national prosecuting authority head in KZN Moipone Noko had dropped the corruption charges against Madhoe months after she was appointed. 

Zondo clarified that he had heard Booysen’s evidence and he was concerned about the allegations that nothing had been done to address the allegations against Madhoe. 

“If not much has been done over the years that would be a matter of grave concern, but I am not at this stage going to say whether he (Madhoe) should or should not be there. Somebody within SAPS is supposed to look into the matter and take such a decision as are dictated by the law and policies of SAPS. Whether somebody has looked into the matter I do not know, but I would like to know whether anything has been done and what it is,” Zondo said.

“I would like this issue to be brought to senior authorities within SAPS because it is important to find out whether they know about the matter,” he said. 

The chairperson said no findings had been made against Madhoe and he has not heard his side of the story. 

“There is a suggestion in the evidence that those who were doing their job in investigating corruption were being victimized and other people were not being dealt with even when there was a reason for them to be dealt with. No judgement has been made whether Col Madhoe should or should not be at work,” Zondo said.  

Zondo asked the commission’s legal team to contact the SAPS national police commissioner.

The chair also said he wants all the judgements related to Booysen’s court actions against SAPS.

The inquiry continues.