Johanensburg -  Outgoing ANC President Jacob Zuma has asked delegates at the party's conference to consider discussing issues faced by the alliance. 

Zuma admitted that the partnership between the SACP and Cosatu had become strained over the past couple years due to questions about leadership and policy direction. 

Zuma was delivering the political report at the ANC's five-day elective conference at Nasrec on Saturday. 

Last month, the SACP contested elections on its own in a by-election in the Metsimaholo Local Municipality - a decision that upset the ANC. 

The SACP has also been very vocal in calling for Zuma to step down, along with Cosatu. 

Cosatu took a resolution that Zuma should not address any of its gatherings, following the disastrous May Day rally where he was booed by Cosatu members and couldn't address the gathering. 
"It is important to note that this contestation (in Metsimaholo) followed an SACP congress resolution that the Party must actively contest elections and that the modality through which it contests may, or may not, be within the umbrella of a re-configured Alliance," said Zuma. 

"This conference must discuss these new developments and provide direction having given due regard to the proposals of the SACP around the reconfiguration of the alliance in line with the new conditions of struggle," he said. 

Zuma saved his most positive feedback for SANCO where he commended the organisation for its cordial relationship with the ANC. 

The ANC conference began six hours late after the registration of delegates was delayed. 

Delegates are now expected to spend the night discussing credentials, before nominations and voting can take place.  

The conference continues on Sunday. 

Political Bureau