President Jacob Zuma. File picture: Nic Bothma/EPA
Johannesburg - Conflicting reports emerged on Tuesday night over a media briefing set to be held by President Jacob Zuma on Wednesday morning in Pretoria.

Earlier, reports emerged that Zuma was set to hold a press briefing at 10am at the Union Buildings.

While there were reports that the Presidency has denied this, others claimed the briefing was confirmed and would indeed go ahead.

There has been no  official confirmation from the Presidency on the matter thus far. 

Earlier on Tuesday, the ANC confirmed that its National Executive Committee (NEC) has resolved to recall Zuma.

ANC Secretary General Ace Magashule said Zuma was expected to make an announcement on Wednesday on whether he will resign or not.

A letter had been delivered to Zuma on Tuesday morning by Magashule confirming the NEC decision.

Magashule also confirmed at the briefing that the ANC wanted ANC President Cyril Ramaphosa to deliver the State of the Nation Address.

Pressure has been mounting for Zuma to resign from both the ANC’s alliance partners, civil society and opposition parties.
Last week Ramaphosa held discussions with Zuma to negotiate a transition.

The president refused to resign on Monday night and at a meeting with the top six last weekend.

On Friday, it emerged that Zuma had demanded that his legal fees be waived as part of negotiations for him to step-down.

Zuma has piled on numerous cases over the years, even before he was elected President in 2009.

His demand that his legal fees be paid, seems he anticipates that he may faced more legal cases.

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