Durban - Rhino poaching has become a national crisis, raising concerns that this beautiful prehistoric animal will join the quagga and dodo in the annals of history.

It is, therefore, heart-warming to know that UK-owned Linton Park Wines has joined forces with Save The Rhino International to help combat rhino poaching.

The Linton Park Red Rhino Pinotage 2011 recently won a bronze medal at the Decanter Wine Awards and the Red Rhino Merlot 2011, an International Wine Challenge Commended Award.

Now the Wellington-based winery has announced that 10 percent of profits from the sales of the White Rhino, Red Rhino and Pink Rhino ranges are pledged for the work of Save The Rhino International.

No-extinction label

Each bottle in the new range clearly displays the Save The Rhino logo to boost awareness of the charity’s work in protecting this endangered species, the wildlife with whom they share their habitat and the local communities.

The Rhino wine bottles are also 38 percent lighter than traditional packaging, further boosting their environmental friendliness.

Save The Rhino International director Cathy Dean says the organisation was “absolutely delighted” when the winery contacted them to ask how they could raise funds for rhino-poaching awareness.

She hopes the global launch of the new range will achieve this aim – and maybe the best part for wine lovers is that the more wine sold, the more money is raised for rhino conservation.

Linton Park Wines cellarmaster Hennie Huskisson says the winery has carefully crafted interesting wines from the African nature and is, in turn, giving back to nature by contributing to protecting the endangered rhinoceros. It is a partnership worthy of promotion. - The Mercury