Kgomotso Modisenyane allegedly raped a woman and shot her lover, Dudley Nxedlana, at the infamous lovers spot on the road to Barkly West in July last year. Picture: Danie van der Lith

Kimberley - An alleged rapist forced his victim to help him push a stolen vehicle before he kidnapped her at gunpoint, the Northern Cape High Court heard on Tuesday.

Kgomotso Modisenyane allegedly attacked the woman, 28, and her lover, Dudley Nxedlana, 31, while the two (the woman and Nxedlana) were having sex at the infamous “lover’s spot” on the road to Barkly West in July last year.

“After shooting Nxedlana several times and leaving him lying injured on the ground, Modisenyane ordered me to get in the car, where he raped me. He then stole Nxedlana’s vehicle, but as he drove with me from the scene the vehicle went into a heap of sand and it got stuck and couldn’t move. Modisenyane then ordered me to get out of the vehicle and push it out of the sand – I was still naked at that point,” the woman said.

“Once the vehicle was out of the sand he then ordered me back into the vehicle and drove off with me without my consent.”

Modisenyane is facing several charges including three counts of rape, one of murder and two of attempted murder, vehicle theft, illegal possession of a firearm and ammunition, as well as housebreaking and theft.

The woman testified that after kidnapping her, Modisenyane drove with her in the stolen vehicle to a veld in Galeshewe where he fetched a bag.

“He then drove with me towards the direction of Bloemfontein (on the N8), however a few kilometres out of Kimberley he drove into the veld again and raped me for the second time,” she said.

The woman said that Modisenyane continued to drive with her until they were close to Petrusburg, where the vehicle ran out of petrol.

“He raped me for the third time when we were there (close to Petrusburg),” the woman added.

She then explained that after the third rape incident, Mosidenyane said they must look for a filling station where they could buy petrol.

“He gave me R50 and we bought petrol using a five-litre container. He then gave two hitchhikers a lift to Bloemfontein, but the vehicle came to a standstill before we could get there. It is there where I managed to get the attention of the hitchhikers and told them what had happened. I managed to escape from Modisenyane when we (she and the hitchhikers) got another lift to Bloemfontein,” the woman said.

Earlier during the court proceedings, the woman gave details of how Modisenyane pounced on her and Nxedlana while they were having sex outside the vehicle at the infamous “lover’s spot”.

They had gone there to have sex after a night of drinking and tavern hopping in Galeshewe.

Modisenyane is also facing a charge of murder after he allegedly killed a Pakistani shopkeeper, Shamiem Ahmed, in Roodepan in September last year.

He also allegedly broke into a house in Kimberley and stole various items, including a firearm and other home appliances.

Modisenyane has pleaded not guilty to all the charges.

The trial continues.

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