Residents attack Somali shops

Published May 26, 2011


Four Somali shops have been burnt down and 55 shops have been looted in Motherwell and Kwadwesi, in Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape police said on Thursday.

“About 200 Somalis ran away from their shops, where a lot of them live, when other residents started attacking them,” said Captain Andre Beetge.

He did not know the reason for the attack. He said he had heard of some physical assaults on Somalis, but no cases had been opened.

Fifty-two shops were looted and three were burnt down in Motherwell and three shops were looted and one was burnt down in Kwadwesi.

The attacks began on Wednesday afternoon and continued until the early hours of Thursday morning when police contained the situation.

“There was some stone-throwing at police when they arrived at the scene, but it wasn't a general thing,” said Beetge.

“The situation is stable and quiet now and a lot of the Somalis have returned to their homes. Some are operating their businesses already,” he said.

No arrests had been made. - Sapa

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