SA Airbnb guests turn up their noses at 1-ply toilet paper

Airbnb owners should upgrade to 2-ply toilet paper. Picture: Anna Shvets/Pexels

Airbnb owners should upgrade to 2-ply toilet paper. Picture: Anna Shvets/Pexels

Published Sep 5, 2023


Airbnb owners who skimp on toilet paper instead of offering thick bathroom tissue for ‘butt-tacular’ guest experiences will lose bookings, revenue, and good reputation.

Improving your ratings can really be as simple as equipping your throne room with 2-ply toilet paper instead of 1-ply, says Karen Fraser, a South African Airbnb expert and TikToker who helps property investors improve their holiday rental income.

And her followers seem to agree, saying that Airbnb owners who don’t supply the good stuff and opt for 1-ply paper instead, don’t even deserve a 1-star review.

Karen Fraser. Picture: TikTok/Karen SmartAirbnbs

Apparently, many Airbnb guests have resorted to taking their own 2-ply toilet paper with them when they go away, to avoid “getting in touch with their inner selves” with sandpaper.

In a video on her TikTok channel, Fraser says the difference between buying a roll of 1-ply toilet paper and 2-ply toilet paper is less than R40 a month, yet skimping on this item could have rotten effects on your business. Over a period of one month, the cost difference between a R4,47 roll of 1-ply paper and a R5,79 roll of 2-ply paper is less than it would cost you to buy two cups of take-away coffee. And this is based on one roll of toilet paper being used a day.

“Don’t skimp on the small stuff. It is going to cost you bookings, it’s going to cost you revenue, and it’s going to cost you a good reputation. Go 2-ply,” she says.

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Most of the users who commented on the video agree, with one saying: “Imagine walking into an Airbnb with one-ply. That’s criminal. I didn’t think it was an option.”

Another said that she would give a 1-star review to any property that gave her 1-ply loo paper.

Fraser says upgrading to 2-ply toilet paper is “the secret to a butt-tacular guest experience”.

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