File photo: Independent Media

Johannesburg - The DA has accused the SABC of fueling racial tensions with its report on a farmer being wanted in connection with murder and attempted murder following an alleged racial dispute.

The report, which ran on Sunday, focused on violence that broke out in Klawer, on the Cape West Coast, after a man, believed to be a farmer, shot one person dead and wounded another person. 

The report, however, did not link the attack to a racial dispute. 

According to the SABC, the man then went on the run and this resulted in violence breaking out in the area over the incident.

The DA’s Beverley Schäfer on Monday slammed the story, labelling it as “unverified” and “unfounded”.

“The DA strongly condemns an unfounded report by the SABC purporting that a murder and attempted murder incident at the weekend is related to a racist dispute between a farmer and a farm worker.

“This is not true and we urge the community at large to let justice run its course as we have been assured by SAPS that an urgent investigation is underway to apprehend the perpetrator or perpetrators."

Schäfer said the story was troubling, especially in light of the numerous attacks against members of the farming community.

Furthermore, Schäfer said incorrect media reports such as this fuelled racial tensions.

“The agriculture community in Klawer has also spoken strongly out against this issue of criminality and has pleaded for calm,” Schäfer concluded.