Landia Coetzee with her partner, Jon Jon Groenewald. Photo: Facebook

Johannesburg - A Midrand man is facing a murder charge after his partner was stabbed to death in their home in a high-security complex.

Landia Coetzee was found dead in the Kyalami Hills Estate complex in Vorna Valley, Midrand, on March 23. It is believed she was stabbed with a pair of scissors.

Her partner, Jon Jon Groenewald, 39, was arrested hours after fleeing the complex.

He has appeared in the Alexandra Regional Court on a charge of murder, said Constable Matome Tlamela of the Midrand police.

Groenewald was released on bail of R2 000 and is due in court again on April 30.

The couple are believed to have been living in a relative’s house in the upmarket estate, which is surrounded by huge residential complexes.

On Tuesday, there was nobody at the house. Groenewald is believed to be staying elsewhere.

On the day of the incident, Groenewald allegedly told the complex security guards to block visitors and to stop his partner from going out.

“In the morning, he told me nobody must come in the house,” one of the guards said.

“If she goes out I must stop her. She must not go out.”

In the afternoon, an employee at the house reported to the guards that the couple were fighting. Their small child was in the house with them.

Inquiries were made at the house, but they were told there was no problem.

Reportedly, the fighting continued.

“The noise was too much,” the guard said.

“A neighbour heard that there was a fight and went to report it to the security,” a source said.

Police made it clear that the matter was a domestic dispute.

“The police received a complaint from security about a man and his wife who were fighting,” Tlamela said.

Later, Groenewald was seen driving out of the complex in his relative’s Jaguar.

He reportedly fled in such a hurry that he crashed into the boom at the entrance before it opened.

The guards and the family’s employee went to the house and found Coetzee lying on the ground, apparently dead.

There was a broken bottle on the floor.

According to Tlamela, Coetzee is believed to have been stabbed with a pair of scissors.

The guards called paramedics and the police. Coetzee was certified dead at the scene, Tlamela said.

The complex security company was able to give the details of the car to the police, who issued a call to patrol vehicles to be on the look out for the vehicle.

The car was spotted in Randburg at about 8.15pm and Groenewald was taken into custody.

There were conflicting reports as to whether the child was taken with Groenewald or left with Coetzee.

“The child is safe with a family member and was unharmed,” Tlamela said.

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