Andre De Ruyter briefed top cop about Eskom corruption

Former Eskom chief executive Andre de Ruyter. Picture: African News Agency (ANA) Archives

Former Eskom chief executive Andre de Ruyter. Picture: African News Agency (ANA) Archives

Published Mar 3, 2023


Durban – The former Eskom CEO Andre de Ruyter has already briefed national police commissioner Fannie Masemola about allegations of corruption and the alleged cartels working out of Mpumalanga, News24 reported.

Members of the ANC and President Cyril Ramaphosa have called on De Ruyter to back up his allegations, made in a television interview, with evidence.

It is understood that four syndicates operating in Mpumalanga, where most of the country’s coal-powered stations are, have been subject to an investigation.

Besides De Ruyter’s allegations, a private investigation firm has also uncovered some of the nefarious undertakings allegedly taking place at Eskom.

De Ruyter dropped a bombshell when he said that senior government officials were working with these cartels.

From the report, it appears that De Ruyter briefed Minister of Public Enterprises Pravin Gordhan and Ramaphosa's national security advisor, Sydney Mufamadi, on two occasions.

De Ruyter reportedly told them about the corruption at Eskom and the people behind it.

But presidential spokesperson Vincent Magwenya said Mufamadi denied ever being told about these individuals or their names.

Magwenya said no one gave Ramaphosa the name of a politician or syndicate leader involved in the alleged corruption.

It is also understood that Mufamadi helped De Ruyter set up a meeting with Masemola, which led to the investigation.

This week, Ramaphosa broke his silence over De Ruyter’s TV interview and the allegations he made.

“Those are the types of institutions that he should have trusted, as I do. I have a great deal of faith and trust in those institutions and once the complaint is lodged with those, they are the ones that have the full capability and the muscle and the wherewithal to investigate.

“I call on him to come forward.

“At times when we just impart information to an individual, they do not have the wherewithal, power or muscle to investigate. So in his case it’s a missed opportunity and I also call on him to come forward to those institutions and report whatever he knows so that the investigative process can commence,” Ramaphosa said.

Police spokesperson, Brigadier Athlenda Mathe said Tthe National Joint Operational and Intelligence Structure (NatJOINTS) which comprises of various government departments led by State Security Agency (SSA), South African Police Service (SAPS) and South African National Defence Force (SANDF) has established a priority committee that is addressing and investigating incidents and crimes relating to power cuts at Eskom.

“With this is the investigation by the DPCI of cases of corruption from which 31 arrests have thus far emanated, from 53 cases. About 39 other cases are also being investigated by a task team established by the National Commissioner of the SAPS, General Fannie Masemola. The team has so far arrested 86 people while 30 cases have successfully been placed on the Court roll. Due to the sensitivity of the investigations, the SAPS is not at liberty to give further detail or comment on this matter in the public domain,” she said.