Two people were fighting for their lives in hospital in the Eastern Cape on Monday following a shooting spree in Mdantsane, East London over the weekend which left 11 people dead.

Maitron Lulama Geleba of Cecilia Makiwane Hospital said Lindiwe Ntoni, 45, and Mawethu Mqala, 28 were still in a serious condition in the intensive care unit.

Geleba said Nozukile Mengu, 49, Ntombizanele Ntweni, 25, Fuzile Konono, 54, Nosisi Skweyiya, 59, and Mfundo Mooi, 18 were in a stable condition in the hospital's general surgical wards.

Police Inspector Stephen Marais said on Sunday 10 that

people were shot dead by an off-duty security guard, Bulelani Vukwana, 29, before he committed suicide.

Marais said Vukwana's killing spree was apparently triggered by his failed relationship with his girlfriend, Noluvuyo Mbenya.

The victims were identified as: Vukwana's girlfriend, her father Maxanjana Mbenya, Siseko Skade, Thami Jali, Madoda Makwedinana, Silyami Matthews, Zingisa Stemele, Lulamile Phantsi and Luyanda Zidumbu.

A tenth man was not identified.

The shooting spree, with two 9mm pistols, started at Mbenya's house about 8.30pm.

Vukwana shot his girlfriend at close-range in the head, killing her instantly, after which he went to a nearby shebeen where he shot a woman in the buttocks as she opened the door.

Marais said Phantsi, who had been called to render assistance, arrived at the scene with his wife.

As he got out of his 4X4 vehicle, Vukwane shot him in the neck, killing him instantly.

He then demanded that Phantsi's wife hand over her husband's firearm and told her he would not kill her, but needed her assistance.

After removing the firearm and Phantsi's cellphone from the car and dumping the body, she was forced to accompany him back to his girlfriend's home where he shot her father.

Vukwana allegedly also hijacked a blue Golf, forcing the driver and three passengers out at gunpoint.

While driving, Vukwana apparently opened fire randomly at anyone who came into his path, killing a motorist and a number of pedestrians, said Marais.

Police also found a blood-splattered red Nissan Sentra with no occupant and the possibility existed that the driver was shot by Vukwana, but managed to flee.

Vukwana abandoned the hijacked vehicle when he spotted police officers, fired a number of shots in their direction and then fled into a neighbourhood.

Marais said it appeared that when Vukwana realised he was cornered he shot himself in the head.

Police found the firearm stolen from Phantsi on Vukwana's body, but the firearm used to shoot his girlfriend is still missing. - Sapa