The ReTrade Trade Store is stocked with essential goods which can be traded for credits.
The ReTrade Trade Store is stocked with essential goods which can be traded for credits.

67 ways to help this Mandela Day: Alleviating poverty by turning junk into a currency

By Supplied Time of article published Jul 17, 2020

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The ReTrade Project in Walmer Heights, Port Elizabeth, is a community-based recycling and social empowerment project which seeks to sustainably provide its members and the community with an opportunity to be environmentally responsible while gaining access to food or basic essentials.

The ReTrade Project aims to provide underprivileged communities with an opportunity to be environmentally aware and access resources to fulfil their basic human needs while still maintaining the human worth and dignity within each person. They do this by supplying a ‘value-for-value’ system though the exchange of recyclable goods for basic essentials such as food, toiletries and clothing.

The project also creates awareness regarding the environmental crisis by educating local communities in eco-sustainability and contributing to the restoration of the environment though public recycling depots.

How it works

Families or individuals in need can collect recyclable junk/waste like tins, plastic bottles, cardboard, white paper, mixed paper and glass and can then Re-Trade for an exchange of basic goods.

Volunteers assist people with assessing the recyclable materials, give credit for the recyclables and then help individuals ‘purchase goods’ in the Trade Store.

The Trade Store is primarily stocked by donations from individuals but has also included businesses, friends of the project and the wider community. All recyclable materials are collected by a local recycling company and all profits attained are used to purchase new stock for the store. 

How you can help:

The trade store is in need of basic food items for the traders, including: 

- Baked beans

- Samp & beans

- Tea

- Coffee

- Sugar

- Rice

- Oil

- Soup

- Soya mince

- Tuna

- Pilchards

- Pasta

- Oats

- Toothpaste

- Washing powder

- Soap

If you would like to get involved or donate or just want more information on the ReTrade Project visit their  website or email them on  [email protected].

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