Nealon Redhouse and Deon Harmse. FILE PHOTO: Raahil Sain/ANA

Port Elizabeth - A video made of Aaliyah "Angel" Tee's father Edmund was aired in the Port Elizabeth High Court on Thursday where he is seen pointing out the two men charged with killing his 12-year-old daughter in cold blood.

Warrant Officer Lambertus Blok was tasked to conduct an identity parade and visited a hospital where Edmund had been admitted shortly after the shooting at his family home.

According to the State, Angel was murdered in June last year when gunmen, posing as cops, forced down the back door of the family's Barberry Street home in Bethelsdorp. 

Nealon Redhouse, 18, and Deon Harmse, 24, are charged with murder and the attempted murder of Angel's mother Candice and father, Edmund, who was wounded in the attack. 

The video played in court showed Blom visiting Edmund where he laid injured in a hospital bed. 

Blom said he had shown Edmund a total of 18 photographs.

From left Nealon Redhouse and Deon Harmse VIDEO: File/ANA

Without hesitation, Edmund was seen pointing out Redhouse as the man who forced open the backdoor to gain entry into the home.

After some time, Edmund pointed out Harmse as the person who had shot him. 

Meanwhile, a crime scene investigator, Warrant Officer Phillip Bekker, took to the stand to testify about Angel's injuries, in addition to describing a bloody crime scene. 

Bekker testified that the fatal bullet which hit Angel entered through the back right hand side of her head, it travelled through her brain, sinus cavity and finally existed through her left cheek. 

"After it existed the cheek, [the bullet] striked the wall," said Bekker. 

Bekker said blood was dispelled from Angel's mouth and large volumes of blood were found on the toilet cistern, adding that bone and tissue matter were found in the blood. 

Bekker said that in some areas at the toilet there should have been blood but these areas were found to be void. 

Bekker alluded that Angel and her mother were positioned close together and in one instance found Candice's hands were on the side of  Angel.

"Because there is no blood in that area, in my opinion [because of] the position of the mother the blood was deposited on the mother," said Bekker.

Candice had previously told the court how she saw how Angel put her hands together in prayer and began begging the men, “please don’t shoot, please, don’t shoot”.

After that, Tee said she grabbed Angel and they crouched down together at the toilet seat. Before kneeling down she said she saw Redhouse pointing a firearm at them. “I said Lord help us and at the same time I heard one of them saying ‘skiet my bra’ (shoot my brother).”

“We were kneeling at the toilet seat and I heard a shot go off and I passed out,” she said.

After Tee regained consciousness she said she tried to lift her head but was not sure if she had been shot. She then turned to the side and saw Angel lying on the ground.

“I looked to my left and saw Aaliyah lying on the ground, I was on my knees. I took my hand and saw that there was blood coming out of her ear. I said ‘take her Lord, she is yours’.”

The trial continues on Friday.