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Port Elizabeth - A former African National Congress (ANC) MP, Jennifer Ferguson, has accused a well known South African sport administrator of rape.

Speaking on Talk Radio 702 on Thursday morning, Ferguson, who is a singer and now lives in Sweden, repeated her accusation that she was raped by the official. She named the alleged rapist as she had done a day earlier on Facebook. 

Ferguson said the incident occurred 24 years ago. 

The administrator has not commented on the allegations and has not answered phone calls and messages. 

The allegations came to light on Wednesday after Ferguson joined the social media campaign #MeToo, which encourages women to share their experiences and speak out against sexual assault.

In her post, Ferguson alleges the rape incident happened 24 years ago at a Port Elizabeth hotel. 

Her Facebook post reads: "Disclosure after 24 years. I was probably not the only woman raped by this man. I am deeply sorry that I was unable to report it when it happened and I apologise from my heart to any woman or young girl that may have suffered abuse by this man as a result of my colluding in the conspiracy of silence". 

Ferguson said that she could now begin the process of forgiveness.

Her post further reads: "It is not my intention to 'punish' the perpetrator but to bring to light of truth that which has been hidden through years of shame. I have been a fearless activist in the political sphere. Worked with child abuse for many years. I have been gifted with so much in my life yet I have been ashamed into silence by what happened. I did not have the inner resources to take this into the legal or even public sphere before.I was personally intimidated. What of the many women,children, people who do not have any means to deal with rape??"