File Picture: David Ritchie African News Agency (ANA)
Johannesburg - With less than 24 hours left until a majority of South Africans cast their votes in the 2019 national and general elections, voters are once again reminded of do's and don't's at the voting stations.


- Respect other voters and election and party officials.

- Feel free to show your party support by wearing party T-shirts and other regalia with party slogans.

- Mark each ballot paper only once and make sure that your mark makes your intention clear.

- Make sure your ballot papers have been stamped by our officials before putting your marked ballots in the ballot box, or else they won’t be counted.


- No person may produce a photographic image of a marked ballot. This is a criminal offence.

- No visuals are allowed inside the boundaries of a voting station without the permission of the affected voter and the Presiding Officer.

- No visuals are allowed where the secrecy of a voter’s ballot may be compromised.

- Do not bribe or influence an official of the Electoral Commission while they are doing their duty.

- Do not misinform the Electoral Commission when you are asked to provide a statement.

- Do not publish false information about an election that may disrupt, prevent or influence the election results.

- Do not publish false information that may create anger or fear and could change the election results.

- Do not give information about voting or the counting of votes when you are not allowed to.

- Do not interfere with any voting materials

- Do not make, produce or supply election materials when by law you are not allowed to.

- Do not remove, hide or destroy election materials when by law you are not allowed to.

- Do not prevent the Electoral Commission from doing their duties in running the election

- Do not try to harm the honesty and dignity of the Electoral Commission.

Voting stations will be open from 7am-9pm nationwide and registered voters are able to vote at any voting station in the country but will only be allowed to cast their provincial and national vote in the province they're registered to vote in.

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