WATCH: Rhinos take leisurely stroll in Bloemfontein after escaping wildlife estate

By Yasmine Jacobs Time of article published Nov 14, 2021

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“Oh, you are South African? That means you see wildlife everyday right?”

It is a question often asked by folk from the other side of the world whose main information about South Africa and Africa comes from movies showing the place crawling with lions and zebras (I never understood this, but we move on.)

On Tuesday two rhinos named Shaka and Shakira (yes, like the famous Zulu and the singer whose hips don’t lie) took an early morning walk in the streets of Bloemfontein.

They belong to a well-known local wildlife estate, but the owners asked media not to mention the premises due to fears over rhino poaching.

The owner was reportedly notified of their escape at 6am. This prompted the owner and his team to search for the two rhinos.

The pair apparently escaped from the wildlife estate after the gate was left open during construction.

The rhinos were on the run (or walk, in this case) for approximately 20 minutes before they were promptly apprehended.

The animals were not darted, and instead were guided back to the estate by employees.

No major incidents or damages were reported.

The two rhinos are now safely back at home under 24-hour protection.


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