Gauteng car dealer exposes forex trader for lying about G-wagon purchase

Published Jul 26, 2022


Durban - A Gauteng car dealership has exposed a so-called forex trader for lying about purchasing a high-end luxury vehicle and posting it on social media, suggesting the car was hers.

This, after the woman took to social media to share an image of the Mercedes-Benz G class SUV she claimed to have purchased for R5 million, with proceeds she earned from trading the foreign exchange [forex] markets.

A Facebook page titled “Hobo ZA” included pictures from an Instagram handle called “richsawomen” who tagged the alleged owner of the Mercedes-Benz “Khali_billions”.

IOL got in touch with the manager of the dealership, Avari Cars in Menlyn, Pretoria, to confirm if the allegation that the car did not belong to Khali_billions made in the post was true.

The manager was hesitant to comment on the matter and did not want to be named.

She did confirm, however, that the black Mercedes-Benz G wagon which was featured in the post, was still on the sales floor.

“I have no comment on that matter sir, all I can say is that the vehicle is still on the floor. The black Mercedes-Benz,” she said.

On her Instagram profile, Khali_billions listed herself as the “first female trader to program a mobile trading robot”, “Alpha Female Wolf”, “Billionaire”, “Professional Digital Marketer” and the “owner of LR Mining”.

Around a week ago, Khali_billions posted a picture of herself and the vehicle on Instagram.

The picture shows of her holding a bunch of white roses, a set of keys and an Apple iPhone in her hand.

She also posted another picture of the vehicle alone with the Avari Cars number plate on the vehicle.

“This is how 5 million looks like. Forex withdrawals did it within the blink of an eye. #youcandoittoo,” the picture of the Black Mercedes SUV was captioned on her Instagram.

A screenshot of Khali_billions post before her Instagram account was locked into private mode.

On Monday morning at around 6am, Khali_Billions’ account on Instagram was open to the public but by around 9am, the account was locked to private mode.

IOL approached the woman for comment on the matter, but a person claiming to be her personal assistant, said that she was busy and would answer in time.

IOL had asked if she had purchased the black G-Wagon in the Instagram post, which is also seen on her profile picture on Whatsapp. We asked if Khali was her real name, which the PA confirmed it was.

After sending a list of questions, it was found that the person had blocked further comment with the IOL team.

IOL asked if the black Mercedes does in fact belonged to her and if she bought it with money she had earned from trading the forex markets.