Picture: @ER24EMS/Twitter
Johannesburg – Twenty children have been killed on Friday afternoon when a taxi and truck collided head-on the R25 between Verena and Bronkhorstspruit

ER24 paramedics arrived on the scene to find the fire services who had already extinguished the burning vehicle, which was found lying on its side.

Paramedics assessed the scene and found that about 20 children had been inside the vehicle when it collided with the truck.

Once the flames had been extinguished, paramedics found that the children had been trapped inside the vehicle. Unfortunately, nothing could be done for the children and they were declared dead on the scene.

Picture: @ER24EMS/Twitter

Several other children were found on the scene. It is believed that they were pulled out of the taxi by members of the community. Some were treated at the scene with minor injuries and others were transported to various hospitals.

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