File photo: Thobile Mathonsi

Johannesburg - AfriForum Youth has launched an online petition to mobilise students against the e-tolling system, the organisation said on Tuesday.

“Most students do not earn an income. Those who do have an unpredictable income that is far below the tax threshold,” said Afriforum Youth spokeswoman at the University of Pretoria, Rochelle Oosthuyse.

“The aim of the petition is to make government and Sanral realise that most students do not have enough money to pay e-tolls.”

She said an exemption from e-tolls for students was never addressed thoroughly by the government.

“President Jacob Zuma said at the ANC manifesto forum in Johannesburg on 22 October 2013 that students may be exempted from e-tolls. The exemption, however, has not been mentioned again,” she said.

E-tolling across Gauteng freeways commenced in December last year.

Oosthuyse said the petition also aimed to reach out to students at universities in Gauteng, the North West and the Free State.

The petition is available on the youth organisation's website.