Police officers with the four weeks baby boy who was found in a dumping site in Winterveld on Thursday afternoon. Picture: Supplied

Pretoria - A four-week-old baby boy was found alive at a dumping site at Mhlambe in Winterveld, North of Pretoria on Thursday afternoon, police said.

Constable Herman Moremi said an employee at a creche recovered the baby after throwing out some rubbish at the site.

"She saw blanket ...and went to inspect and she recovered the baby still alive and she immediately informed Loate police. She was scared that the baby might die in her hands and she immediately took the child to police station," Moremi said.

Moremi said police called an ambulance while keeping the child safe in a warm room. 

The identity of the mother is still unknown and it is not clear when the child was dumped.

Police are investigating a case of child abandonment. 

African News Agency (ANA)