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Johannesburg - The Johannesburg Magistrate's Court has postponed the bail application of two men arrested in connection with the murder of Heather Petersen to Tuesday.

Petersen was shot dead last month when she was caught in the crossfire of a gang shootout in Westbury. She was walking with a ten-year-old child who was injured in the shooting.

The two suspects were arrested on September 28 and are expected to apply for bail. They were joined by a co-accused who was arrested on Sunday.

On Wednesday, Magistrate Vele said due to the new developments the bail application could not continue.

“The bail application cannot continue since the accused have been joined by their co-accused, so we will have to postpone to Tuesday next week if everything is in order by then we will continue with it,” said Vele.

The magistrate asked the gallery to leave the court before the case started, phones to be switched off and no photographs or identification of the accused was allowed.

The suspects will remain in custody.

African News Agency (ANA)