James Malesela Ngoasheng

Johannesburg - The family of 26-year old Sophie Ledwaba, who was fatally shot outside Ayepyep Lifestyle Lounge in Sunnyside, said they were not coping with the loss.

On Tuesday, the family asked for space and to be allowed to mourn peacefully, saying they were still in disbelief over her tragic death.

Speaking outside the Pretoria Magistrate's Court, where 30-year-old Malesela James Ngoasheng appeared in connection with the death, a family member said they buried her over the weekend. Ngoasheng was appearing for a bail application.

Prosecutor Lufuno Manena requested the matter be postponed for verification of address. He said the Sunnyside address provided by the accused, where he said he was living at the time of his arrest, could not be used as he was given notice by the landlord to move out.

The prosecutor said he had confirmed that the defence was waiting for an alternative address from Ngoasheng’s friend.

It was alleged Ngoasheng shot Ledwaba because she refused to leave with him after he bought her food and alcohol during an evening at the popular club.

This angered him and he then allegedly shot her in the head.

Witnesses gave conflicting statements on the killing, with some saying she had forced her way into Ngoasheng’s Mercedes Viano. In this version, other passengers did not want her in the car. In the second version, he tried to force her into the vehicle, shooting her when she refused.

The matter was postponed to September 5.

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