Afriforum’s Head of Safety, Ian Cameron, shows where the armed group gained access to the Drotské smallholding. Picture: Sakhile Ndlazi

Pretoria - Tienus Drotské, the brother of former Springbok hooker Naka Drotské, and his family have moved off the smallholding in Kameeldrift where Naka was shot three times.

According to Afriforum’s Head of Safety, Ian Cameron, who was giving Independent Media a walk through the family house this morning, this was the third incident in their four-year stay.

According to Cameron the family feared for their lives and were staying with friends in a nearby estate. “They have had two incidents of burglary, last night's one was the worst, Naka is fighting for his life in ICU,” he said.

Naka, fellow former Springbok teammate Os du Randt and Tinus, with Tinus's three children, were together when three men barged into the house at 9.15pm.

“They just finished having a braai and were ready to retire, when three men, two carrying guns and the other pepper spray, barged into the house,” said Cameron.

But their woes didn’t just end there. While en route to the car they travelled in veered off the road, causing two tyres to burst in the race to get medical help. Luckily two other guys picked them up and took them to hospital.

Afriforum’s Head of Safety, Ian Cameron, points out blood spatter from the attack on the Drotské smallholding. Picture: Sakhile Ndlazi

Drotské remains in a critical condition after being attacked on a smallholding in Kameeldrif on Thursday evening.

Cameron said Afriforum was in the middle of a court case to reinstate reservists in Kameelfdrift. “The reservists are much needed. The crime in small holdings is spiralling out of control,” he said.

Last month, Manie Entress, a nearby neighbour was still coming to terms with the murder of his wife. She was shot a couple of houses away from Naka’s house in September. Entress said the police have done nothing yet to further investigation. “This place is ridden with attackers and police and not doing anything to keep us safe,” he said.

Some of the Drotské family's belongings have already been removed and they will be moving out permanently.

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