Dros rape accused Nicholas Ninow sits in the dock at the North Gauteng High Court at his trial on Monday. The DA Women's Network has called on the court to give Ninow the harshest sentence for the rape of a minor. File picture: Bongani Shilubane/African News Agency (ANA).

PRETORIA - The DA Women’s Network (DAWN) has called on the courts to throw the book at  Nicholas Ninow, who is accused of raping a seven-year-old girl in the bathroom of a Dros restaurant in Pretoria last year.

"It is now in the hands of the courts to deal with Ninow to the fullest extent of the law as he deserves the maximum possible punishment for raping a minor,"  the party said in a statement. 

Ninow is accused of raping the girl in the bathroom of the Dros restaurant in Silverton east of Pretoria, in September last year.

He has pleaded guilty to raping the girl, possession of drugs, defeating the ends of justice but not to the assault charges.

The party said the scourge of violence against women and children is not new and has been a part of society for many years. 

DAWN called for the National Sex Offenders Register to be updated and said police officers who fail to assist victims that are reporting rape or abuse should be dealt with  harshly.

African News Agency (ANA)