Pretoria - President of the #NotinMyName campaign Siyabulela Jentile says the organisation will not allow men to rape and blame it on insanity. 

Jentile shared this to an audience that blocked off the entire Pretoria Magistrate Court entrance this morning as accused, 21-year-old Nicholas Ninow made his third appearance, for allegedly raping a 7-year-old child at a Dros restaurant. 

This is as much activity takes place around the city centre and as the Tshwane Metro Police have deployed officers as per their promise, to ensure order and calm prevail.

The area in front of the court was completely closed off from this morning, and different political organisations and civic organisation have joined in in unity, to support the family of victim, who was allegedly raped at the Silverton eatery nearly a month ago. 

The ANC Women's League, Bikers Against Child Abuse, Nelson Mandela Children's Foundation, the EFF, DA, ANC and ordinary citizens have been outside picketing and singing struggle songs since early this morning.

Jentile said it was completely unacceptable that when other races are accused of rape the person is said to be insane but when a black man rapes its rape. 

"They come here to plead insanity.....that's complete rubbish, rape is rape, it does not have colour, it goes beyond geographical boundaries. Our South African mothers and sisters are raped by South African men, African and European, every man is a potential rapist, men rape bottom line." 

"For your own good make sure you don't go out," he warned Ninow. 

Organisations say they have come together as children who became victims to rape did not fall in any political affiliations.

Jentile announced the organisation will picket outside the Port Elizabeth High Court in support of rape victims in the Nigerian pastors trial, Timothy Omotoso who is charged with rape and human trafficking. 
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